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At-home Holter and ABPM tests by Healthwatch

If you’re looking to book a holter or ABPM test online, look no further. Healthwatch offers time-tested and the very best extended holter and 24-hour continuous blood pressure tests that you can book online and take at the convenience of your home.

Our extended holter test uses the revolutionary myPatch SL device that is capable of recording beat-to-beat ECG for up to 14 days continuously, giving your doctor unparalleled insights into the condition of your heart, so that they can come up with a precise and effective plan of treatment for any ailments your heart may be suffering from.

Why Healthwatch

Serving India since 2010, Healthwatch is simply the best at-home holter and ABPM test provider, because of our rich experience, obsession with quality, wide service network and the lightning-quick times with which we deliver reports.

We are a multiple ISO-certified company, compliant with USA’s HIPAA, a member of NASSCOM and use only CE and US FDA-certified devices and CCI-accredited technicians for interpretation, all of which makes us the number-one choice in India for holter and ABPM tests online. Across India, more than 1000 doctors trust us to deliver accurate and detailed reports that help them perform an accurate diagnosis.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a holter test?

    A holter test is a heart test that uses a portable ECG device called a holter monitor to monitor the heart rhythm for a minimum of 24 hours in order to gain insight into the heart’s electrical activity and detect any irregularities in it.

  • How is your holter test better than a traditional holter test?

    The holter test by Healthwatch uses a revolutionary device called myPatch SL, which apart from being highly accurate and detailed in its data capture, is also completely wireless and waterproof, thus affording unmatched flexibility and lack of disruption to the life of a person undergoing the test, as they are free to work, shower, sleep and even swim – all while wearing the device.

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  • What is an ABPM test?

    An ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) test monitors blood pressure at frequent intervals over an extended period (typically 24 hours) in order to obtain a more realistic blood pressure reading than what is possible with a traditional one-off blood-pressure measurement. Learn all about ABPM in this video:

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  • How much does a holter test cost?

    This depends on the duration of the test that has been prescribed by the doctor. But a test with the commonest duration of 24 hours is priced at Rs. 5000. However, kindly contact us by filing the form above or calling us on 9999222554 for an exact quote.

  • What does this cost include?

    This cost includes the test for 24 hours using the myPatch SL holter device, doorstep hookup and removal at any location of your choice within city limits, SMS updates throughout the test lifecycle, a digital copy of the report sent to you as well as your doctor (if you’ve shared their details), and a printed copy couriered to you at the address you have provided. If you do not wish to have a printed copy, you stand to enjoy a discount of Rs. 250.

  • How much does an ABPM test cost?

    A 24-hour ABPM test costs Rs. 5000 in the seven cities in which we offer it at the moment (Delhi, Chennai, Salem, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur and Lucknow).

  • In which cities is your holter test available?

    Our holter test is available in over 75 cities across India, and we directly proctor our holter test in Delhi, Chennai, Salem, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow, Vishakapatnam and Vijayawada.

  • In which cities is your ABPM test available?

    You can take our ABPM test in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Salem and Lucknow.

  • How does the holter test work?

    Once you register for the test, our technician visits your home at the scheduled test start time, and hooks up the device to your chest. After the test duration is complete, he/she will visit your location again to remove the device and uploads the data from the device to our centralised server, from where our team of CCI-certified expert interpreters perform a high-quality manual interpretation of the data in addition to software inputs, and the generated report is sent to you as well as your doctor within 12 to 16 hours of the completion of the test.

  • How does the ABPM test work?

    The process is much the same as our holter test. That is, following registration, our technician visits your home to hook up the device, and 24 hours later, returns to your location to remove it, upload the data from the device to our centre, and within 12 to 16 hours, the report is sent to you and your doctor.

  • Do you have at-home service?

    Absolutely! Both our holter and ABPM tests are proctored at your home or any location you specify, at your convenience. You don’t have to step out for anything at all.

  • How soon can I expect the report?

    Reports are shared on the same working day if the removal is performed in the morning, and the next working day if it’s performed in the afternoon. In either case, the maximum waiting time for the receipt of the report is 16 hours.

  • How will the report be shared?

    The report is sent by email to both you and your referring doctor.

  • How do I pay for a test?

    For your convenience we accept UPI and online payments by credit and debit cards.

  • When do I need to pay for my test?

    You need to pay for the test only after the hookup is completed.


I just loved their service. I had a holter for 7 days and got my reports as soon as it was possible in both hard copy and soft copy. Definitely recommend everyone who is in need of a holter. Also their staff is so sweet and cooperative to work with

Mr. Pramod M, Delhi

The team was fantastic and detailed report really helped in giving a insight to BP as a problem. I strongly recommend this product.

Mr. Sushant K, Delhi

Prompt and timely delivery of report without any delay.

Ms. Sangeetha B, Chennai

We had engaged Healthwatch for extended holter recordings and we are very pleased with their services. Their staff was very accommodative, obliging, informative and pleasant to talk to That apart, the ECG recordings were extremely clear, the report was up to the point, very professional and beneficial. We recommend Healthwatch to anybody with pleasure and utmost satisfaction.

Dr Vijay K and Dr Jayashree, Bengaluru

The best in cardiac monitoring.

Mr. Chirayu M, Mumbai

Truly professional and timebound services.

Mr. Sugandh T, Mumbai

Got exemplary service from Healthwatch for installation of 7 days holter for my 86-year-old mother. Cost quoted for installation was very reasonable. The date and time of appointment were fixed as per our convenience. Received the Report on email the very next day Now, that is what I call World Class Health Care Service!

Ms. Vandana S, Delhi

The entire process was seamless and the staff was very good and cooperative.

Ms. Anjali R, Bengaluru

Very nice service! I called Heathwatch Telediagnostics via call and they reached to me within an hour and gave excellent service.

Mr. Subham G, Chennai

I got a holter test done. The whole arrangement was very smooth. The designated person was very polite and gentle; visited my place to fix and unfix the holter. Report received online with hard copy by courier in two days. An excellent arrangement. Recommend to use their services.

Mr. Rakesh N, Delhi

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