Our vision

Our vision is to enhance and save every human life using the power of diagnostics and the timely delivery of incisive health intelligence.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the frontline architects of a healthier future, with four key objectives.

Reduce the
cost of
insightful and
timely diagnostic
health intelligence
Have maximal
impact with
minimally invasive

Our values

  • H

    Honesty &

  • E

    Education and

  • A

    and gratitude

  • R

    Respect for
    and nature

  • T

    Trust and

  • S

    Service to
    the needy

Our quality policy

Quality, information security, business continuity and ethical business strategy are at the core of our values, and we pledge to uphold and abide by it with the following four key principles.

We are committed to delivering world class healthcare services with respect and empathy to those who have bestowed their trust on us.
We are tirelessly engaged in continual monitoring and improvement of the effectiveness of our business management.
We continuously strive to achieve the best outcomes through delivery of clinical excellence by optimizing technical and technology services.
We protect patient and customer rights by ensuring uncompromised privacy and confidentiality.

Our History

  • 2005
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
Cardiopulse Heart Care
(CHC), the parent business
unit, is established.
Healthwatch establishes the first
Global Cardiac Rhythm
Monitoring Centre in New Delhi
as per HIPPA USA data-security
standards and extends cardiac
rhythm interpretation services to
global clients.

Healthwatch is established out
of CHC as a specialised Cardiac
Rhythm Monitoring and
Outsourcing and Home
Diagnostic Service Company and
starts testing the Mobile Cardiac
Telemetry platform of ScottCare
USA for the first time in India.
For the first time in India,
Healthwatch introduces home-
based holter diagnostic services
with a centralised reporting
platform in association with
ScottCare USA.
Healthwatch adds Revenue
Cycle Management (RCM)
services as a value addition
support to US ITDFs.
A second Global Cardiac Rhythm
Monitoring Centre is added as per
HIPPA USA data security standards
in New Delhi.

Healthwatch starts supporting
healthcare providers in Australia,
Europe and Southeast Asia.
Healthwatch-myPatch – the
first leadless patch
monitoring system – is
introduced in India for the
first time, in association with
DMS Services, USA, with up
to three-day recording capability.
Healthwatch crosses a billion
hours of ECG interpretation, with
three Global Cardiac Rhythm
Monitoring Centres and about 300
CCT, USA-certified technicians
supporting cardiac patients across
the globe 24×7 round the year.

CHC Healthcare with its combined
services touches the landmark of
10 years of healthcare services in
the Indian market.
Healthwatch extends home
diagnostic services to an additional
10 Indian cities.
Healthwatch establishes
its first Global Cardiac
Monitoring Centre out of
Delhi and in Chennai (in
southern India), resulting
in an expansion of
workforce and making
services more reliable due
to redundancy and
seamless global support.
Healthwatch receives the ISO
9001-2015 Quality Management
System certification for services
and processes.

Healthwatch-myPatch with 14
day-recording capability
introduced for the first time in India.
Healthwatch receives the ISO
27001:2013 Information Security
Management certification.

Healthwatch expands the Home
Diagnostic Services to over 40
Indian cities, serving more than
750 doctors across all the major
hospitals in India.
CHC establishes its first
overseas office in Princeton
New Jersey, USA.

Healthwatch expands its
service network to over 70
Indian cities and towns.
CHC Healthcare reaches the
landmark of 15 years of
healthcare services in India.

Healthwatch reaches the
landmark of 10 years of rhythm
monitoring in India overseas.

Healthwatch continues to
support clients and patients
through the peak of the
pandemic with zero impact on
turnaround times, quality,
accuracy and all other metrics.
Two more regional
service delivery
centres added – in
Mumbai and Bengaluru
– strengthening our
presence in central and
southern India.

Leadership team

Dr (Hon.) S. Senthil Kandeepan

Founder, Managing Director and CEO

There are entrepreneurs and there are changemakers, but it is only rarely that a marriage of the two comes along in the mainstream, creating something of immense value as well as profound social impact. Senthil is of this rare pantheon, as attested by the feathers of recognition that adorn his young crown.

With multiple postgraduate degrees in business administration, labour management and public administration from Madras University in the nineties, he seemed primed for corporate life, which he kicked off with four triumphant years in the areas of talent management and industrial relations, on stints with the MRF and Taj Hotels by the Tata Group.

But not feeling connected enough to a social cause, for the next three years he immersed himself in rigorous preparation and study for the Indian Civil Services, not knowing that he was destined to throw himself into the service of humanity through a quite different route.

In 2005, in what was a culmination of years of dreaming about making significant positive change to human life, he founded Cardiopulse Heart Care (CHC), a company dedicated to moving healthcare into the future. It was a seminal moment, for the company quickly diversified into multiple entities including Healthwatch Telediagnostics, all of which to this day are dedicated to making healthcare smarter, more effective and affordable, and less intrusive.

But Senthil’s vision is not limited to clients, consumers and its employees who are the very lifeblood of the company but the community at large. A champion of the empowerment of underprivileged women, Senthil is dedicated to gender inclusivity, and his idea of “empowerment through employment” has resulted in a workforce that has more women than men, with most of the women employees being first generation graduates in their families.

For his contributions to bringing innovative healthcare practices to the mainstream in India and other southeast Asian countries in record time, Senthil has been decorated with several recognitions, including a ‘lifetime achievement’ award from several eminent personalities including Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and an honorary doctorate for humanitarian services from the International University for Complementary Medicine in Colombo.

Senthil is an avid wildlife photographer, and has travelled to several countries in pursuit of the subliminal. He is also a fitness enthusiast, long distance runner and cyclist who has completed a staggering 20 full and half marathons in India and abroad, so his legacy is not the only enduring attribute.

Firmly rooted in experience, with ear glued to heart, his vision is always on a future in which he’ll have made a difference to every human life. And from his New Delhi office, where he’s based, as he marshals a committed team aligned with his vision, it is what occupies his days and dreams.

CA Jayasri Kandeepan

Director & CFO

Jayasri is the chief finance officer of the company and oversees the finance, books and accounts of our diversified business operations.

A seasoned finance professional, Jayasri is qualified as a chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and as a company secretary from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

Frightfully fond of numbers as a child, Jayasri was the proverbial frontbencher, acing all her tests and exams to the moon and back, and turning out a consistent topper in school and university.

Jayasri’s journey with CHC began as early as 2010 as a founding director of Healthwatch, before which she was heading the business banking team for northern India for ICICI Bank, India’s largest private bank at the time of writing, for more than seven years. She had also served in the international banking division of Standard Chartered Bank for about three years.

With a strong grounding in financial diligence, contingency planning and monetary sagacity, she ensures that we remain fiercely independent, self-reliant, debt free and nimble to take on ambitious growth plans without being hamstrung by the burden of financial liabilities or inclement risks.

Her astuteness and equanimity, drawn from her monumental experience in pecuniary matters, is ultimately key to our being able to practise the philosophy that the best missions are those that lead to the benefit of all at the expense of none.

Senior management team

Dr. Karthigesan A.M.

Senior Consultant Electrophysiologist

As an in-house quality monitoring expert, Dr. Karthigesan supervises all outgoing reports from all our centres across the country, to ensure that they conform to lofty standards of accuracy and stand up to the highest levels of analytical scrutiny, besides contributing to the education and training of our personnel, and mentoring our young technicians. Highly qualified and with rich experience in cardiology and electrophysiology, Dr. Karthigesan adds even more credence and credibility to our offerings.

After earning his M.B.B.S degree from Thanjavur Medical College in 1997, Dr. Karthigesan went on to complete his M.D in Nagpur in 2000, before studying at the Diplomate of the National Board in General Medicine, and then the Diplomate of the National Board in Cardiology until 2004. He then went on to undertake an electrophysiology fellowship at the acclaimed Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology in Bangalore and a fellowship in AFib Ablation at the Shanghai Chest Hospital, China, in 2010. He has also completed multiple electrophysiology observerships in multiple hospitals in the US.

A part of several medical societies across Asia and Europe, Dr. Karthigesan has completed many clinical studies and published several papers and abstracts. He is a certified Electrophysiology (CEPS) and Device specialist (CCDS) from IBHRE, USA, and has been awarded Fellow in Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS) as recognition of his competence and dedication to service against arrhythmia.

Rajesh Kannan

GM – Operations

With over 18 years of experience in talent management, personnel administration, recruitment and selection, training and development and general administration, Rajesh is a savant in acquiring, supporting and managing large workforces. His experience in policy formulation for people activities like manpower planning and performance management are demonstrated to have produced exemplary results in such monumental organisations as Reliance Retail and Whirlpool India

A keen communicator with the ability to relate to people across all hierarchical levels in the organization, Rajesh possesses the ability to motivate people to achieve organizational objectives. On his Atlas-like shoulders he can carry the weight of massive portfolios, effortlessly bridging the often-wide gulf between company philosophy and employee aspiration. With a significant stint in the USA, Rajesh carries under his belt truly global exposure, which he allows to inform the nuanced, balanced and highly dexterous constructs of his professional excellence.

Avinash Kumar Issac

AGM – Clinical Training and Quality

Avinash Kumar Issac, who has been part of our family since 2016, leads from the front and on the back of over a decade’s experience in the clinical realm. Avinash’s educational qualifications from the American academia exceed the length of a line even when shortened. However, his knowledge is anything but theoretical, backed as it is by the eclectic experience of working with various super-speciality hospitals, heart institutes, research centres and medical colleges.

He has worked, boots-in-the-mud, in emergency and casualty wards, cardiac catheterization laboratories, surgical theatres, cardiac rhythm monitoring laboratories and diagnostic departments, critical care and high dependency units, trauma ICUs, and even ACLS ambulances. He has also enjoyed a stellar stint in a medical college as a clinical educator, and is skilled in life-saving techniques, ventilator management, cardiac monitoring, modular ICUs, and is something of an authority in the latest cardiac interventions and other investigatory procedures.

All this combines to afford Avinash far-reaching expertise in heart rhythm analysis, cardiac interventions and emergency care management, which we naturally leverage to spectacular effect in the challenging arena of the real world. A cycling enthusiast, he loves exploring new places and playing outdoor sports. Having witnessed a lot of what can go wrong with the body, he’s also passionate about health and fitness to keep illnesses at bay. Avinash’s encyclopaedic array of knowledge, skills and abilities helps us offer a lot, and embed a lot in everything we offer.

Prof. V. G. Thyagarajan

Senior Mentor – Employee Relations

A veteran professor of psychology, syllabus creator, trainer and more, Prof. V. G. Thyagarajan serves as a senior mentor based in the Chennai centre and brings with him a mountain of experience in skilling, orientation, counselling and delivering rousing talks.
'Prof. VGT', as he's fondly known, contributes in a number of ways to address the mentoring needs of the staff, by developing content for internal training, liaising with colleges for campus drives, and training the trainers on the internal education team in soft skill development.
A staff favourite, Prof. VGT channels his passion to shape knowledge into transmissible form, and shares his enormous wisdom in digestible nuggets, thus lighting a spark in everyone to aim beyond their reach and build a staircase to their dreams. He also writes an extremely insightful and popular column that’s a staple of both our internal monthly magazine as well as our blog, HeartCopy.
An expert in staff psychology and managerial strategies, Prof. VGT is a life coach too, and a leading light in making Healthwatch an employer of choice and a truly desirable place in which to achieve your potential.

Santosh Saligram

GM – Creative and Business Communications

Ensuring that all the messaging about the work we’re doing is not lost in translation is writer, editor and content strategist, Santosh Saligram, who heads our creative marketing and communications efforts. A qualified mechanical engineer, Santosh took up communications instead when he realised that he liked coaxing art out of words and pictures more than forcing it out of numbers and equations – a decision that has led to more than 15 years’ experience in shaping language and visuals into vehicles of connection and understanding.

Accordingly, Santosh is interested in the architecture of content that has an aesthetic goal as much as a functional one. He often describes his work as an act of “transmission of the emotional essence of a subject”, and pursues it through a verbal and visual language working in cohesion to produce the intended effect in everything he does, which includes web design, UI and UX architecture, corporate and internal communications, digital marketing, and social media content design and strategy.

A passionate photographer, filmmaker and storyteller, Santosh has formerly been the chief editor of a travel-and-photography company, a photography mentor for learners, and a tour leader for wildlife photography enthusiasts. He has also spearheaded successful efforts to bring technology into the assessment of spoken and written English skills in the Indian space. Santosh’s vision is to endow Healthwatch with a lasting identity that befits the tremendous work everybody at the company does, to reflect in everything we say, show and project, a glimpse of the technological prowess that we exercise daily at all levels, and through our content, create value and meaning for people who spend their precious time, bestowing on us their invaluable trust. After all, says he, if we look for beauty in everything we do, we’ll soon find everything in beauty.

Ramya Agilan

AGM – TAM and Administration

Healthwatch is a company dedicated to improving the lives of people, using the skills of highly talented people. And overseeing the acquisition and management of the wealth of talent we employ is Ramya Agilan.

With over 10 years’ experience in all areas of workforce operations and management, including compensation and benefits and labour compliance, Ramya is at her best when she’s with people, interacting with them to understand their trials and triumphs, and challenges and aspirations, to create the most positive atmosphere at work from where great achievements can prosper with the ease of the conveyance of a blade of grass over a few feet.

For a company that has it instilled in its existential fabric that people are everything, Ramya is one of its most important custodians.

Juggling many balls and managing recruitment, engagement, payroll, performance and more, Ramya transcends the expertise she gained from her MBA at the St. Peter’s College, Anna University, to define, conduct and preserve the cultural ethos of the company as an aspirational place to work and succeed.

Although she loves nothing more than making all this possible, her personal interests include whipping up delicious curries, putting on imaginative moves on the dance stage, and swinging the racket with precision across the high net on a badminton court. And for someone who sees work as sort of play, that is apt.

Saurabh Singh

Head – Corporate Accounts and Administration

Let us bring to your attention the man whose attention nothing escapes. Saurabh Singh, who’s been with Healthwatch since 2011, just its second year of inception, is our hawkeye for all statutory compliances, accounts and administration. A bachelor of commerce from Delhi University, Saurabh is a semi-qualified chartered accountant, backed up by more than 13 years’ experience in accounting and taxation.

It is on the foundation of the loyalty and dedication of foot soldiers like Saurabh that the edifice of Healthwatch is built, for it is only standing on the tower of sound bricks that you can view far, and no tree can spread its branches without deep roots. Never letting his guard down, Saurabh manages to read books and blogs, and enjoys a spot of playing musical instruments in tandem with the lofty responsibilities being an allrounder entails.

S. Prabakaran

GM – Information Technology

As General Manager of IT, S Prabakaran plays a pivotal role in steering the technological direction and ensuring the overall success of the department. Leading seasoned professionals with diverse expertise, Prabakaran is responsible for driving innovation, enhancing operational efficiency, and aligning IT strategies with organisational objectives, including important privacy and security compliances.

With an MCA from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, and an MBA from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, he holds certifications in several programming languages and technologies. Combined with over twenty-four years’ experience in IT in various sectors, including more than fifteen years in FMCG and over five years in healthcare, Prabakaran is a tech maestro who combines skills with symphonic effect to enable Healthwatch to be a technological powerhouse.

Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary

Network Administrator

Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary heads our IT team and has been the backbone of our digital infrastructure since 2015. An MBA in IT from Sikkim Manipal University, Sandeep enjoys using his skills to keep the critical hardware infrastructure of Healthwatch running like clockwork, round the clock. His rich experience in the computer hardware and networking arena ensures that we’re always in a state of ‘all systems go!’, regardless of the time of day, week or year.

Sandeep is the man who sees to it that in the mission of hearing hearts and saving lives, we never slip to sleep. In his leisure Sandeep enjoys rambling through the many and intricate streets of cyberspace to gain acquaintance of the latest advancements in information technology around the world. And then use that knowledge to move us far into the future.

Surging Ahead on Our Own Steam

Our talent management is powered by our own in-house HRMS we call HW meterBOX, which does everything from tracking attendance for load management as well as payroll processing and leave application to official documentation and communication cascading. At Healthwatch, our policy has always been: if you need it, build it.

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